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  • Mothers Day Gift Buying Guide

    This Mother’s Day we pay our respects not only to the mothers in our own life, but to all the caretakers who are looking after our loved ones in nu...
  • Talkin' Terpenes with Dr. Raber

    Jeff Raber is a PhD chemist and innovative entrepreneur based in Southern California. As a medical cannabis patient himself, Dr. Raber recognized early on that there was a tremendous need for quality control and assurance within California’s medical cannabis arena. Dr. Raber formulated a concept for an analytical testing laboratory that provided services to the medical cannabis community. He founded The Werc Shop in 2010 which quickly became a leading cannabis laboratory. Currently The Werc Shop is leading the identification and classification of cannabis varietals through pioneering terpene fingerprinting and advanced metabolomics approaches.

  • Smokin' with Captain Cam

    Cameron Hattan is a former U.S. Marine and Co-Founder along with his wife Shannon of Fiddler’s Greens. A passionate cannabis educator, road warrio...
  • Dosing with Nurse Susan

    Susan Marks, AKA Nurse Susan is an alternative healthcare educator and consultant. Susan received her BSN in Nursing from Mount Saint Mary’s University in 1984 and her Masters of Science in Nursing from Herzing University in 2019. She is a licensed Nurse Practitioner and Certified Family Nurse Practitioner as well as a Registered Nurse with the California Board of Registered Nursing. Susan discovered cannabis as a natural and safer means of treating her own neurological disorder known as essential tremors that cause her hands to shake uncontrollably.

  • 5 Hidden Uses of Our Raw Hemp Balm For Beauty

    Our Raw Hemp Balm is designed for localized relief, but has many hidden uses for beauty.  The use of cannabinoids like CBD and CBDA in skin care ...
  • Your Guide To Raw Hemp Flower

    In this blog post we take a deeper look at what raw hemp flower is, why we are offering it and how you can awaken your wellness routine by incorporating smokable raw hemp flower. 
  • Hiding in plain sight: Why CBDA is the hidden gem of the hemp industry.

    CBDA may be the next big breakthrough in cannabinoid therapy due to its superior bioavailability to CBD. Learn more about raw hemp CBDA oil and how it may be the hidden gem you’ve been searching for.
  • Delta-8-THC: Legal THC or just blowin' smoke?

    Delta-8-THC is all the rage right now among cannabis enthusiasts and is being billed as legal THC, but is delta-8 really all it’s cracked up to be or is the industry just blowin’ smoke?
  • A Look Into Bioavailability

    The research is in, and it’s huge. Raw hemp has now been scientifically proven to be the most readily bioavailable form of the plant.
  • Healing from the Heart: An Interview With Awakened CEO & Founder, Levi Strom

    In a candid interview, Awakened’s CEO and founder Levi Strom discusses the company’s origins, his thoughts on the cannabis industry, and his vision for the future.
  • CBD & CBD Oil -- What is it and is it right for me?

    CBD and CBD oil are all the rage right now. From tinctures at CVS to CBD massages, burgers, and lattes, it seems that there’s no limit on what can...